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Day 1

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Jan. 18th, 2008 | 12:01 am
location: in bed, with pillows for props

Thought: Someone in one of my classes during spring 2007 semester mentioned to me that "you never seem to run out of good cheer." They went on to ask "how can you be so upbeat all the time?" I grinned and stated simply, "Because my life sucks!" This threw her, her face turning to a dumbfounded look and she started to protest the idea, but I interrupted. "Hear me out. I'm so cheerful and upbeat because my life sucks. It's either laugh -- or break -- and I prefer to laugh."

Today I thought about this. I am prone to laughter. To those at my college, I apparently seem to be consistently boisterous and cheery. I like this about myself. The concept that the reason I can manage to be that way so much of the time is due to my life sucking, and the alternative is to break, is maybe an argument to adaptation. Alright, that's fine. But instead, I found that I very much enjoy the idea that not only am I choosing not to break -- my laughter defies my life. I do not just laugh to laugh. It may have started out that way, but over time the laughter became so embedded in me that my awareness of the world shifted to finding reasons to laugh so that I would never have to stop. This, in turn, became automatic, and suddenly I didn't have to find reasons any longer but rather was blissfully exposed to them in even the most ordinary moments. Now, despite days when by all conventional expectancies I should be unhappy and downtrodden, I am able to find myself laughing in spite of it all.

So this is the thought of the day...

Laugh every day, and eventually every day will be worth laughing for.

I want to share a sign seen on the roadside during my commute at one point. ANTIQUE INTERNET AUCTION it proclaimed. Despite knowing the true meaning of this? I prefer to think, "Wow. Internet sure got old fast."


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