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Day 2

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Jan. 19th, 2008 | 11:45 am

Thought: At one point during my browsing around an art website I frequent/participate at, I had an interesting experience with a young girl who was misappropriating images she found on the internet and claiming them as her own productions. It wasn't a short or simple mess to sort out. Often, the attitude of young people in these scenarios is to become rude and go on the offensive with very drama-ridden tactics. At one point, this young lady attempted that as well. However, in the end, she came clean and did the right thing in the bravest way possible: admitting she had done something very wrong right out in public and making a true effort to start fresh. She is even attempting to explain why a friend of hers should do the same. It's not the common result with this event, which is very common at the particular website of which I speak. In fact, the common result is that these young thieves have their galleries deleted and often their accounts banned without pause or mercy. This is often a good tact to take, considering the site's size.

However, in some cases, a good effort from someone could genuinely re-educate the misled. This extends beyond just art theft on the internet. It extends to life at large.

Today's "deep"...

In the face of humanity's failures, have a little patience to keep faith and hope for the day someone will learn to do better. Sometimes, it pays back beautifully.


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